Demanding demands

She lay in bed just as she had been told to do, perfectly still hands by her side, knees bent and feet flat on the sheets. She wore nothing and not so much as a hand towel covering any part of her body except for the blindfold he had placed on her the night before. It was still in place and made her feel disoriented. The air was slightly warm but aside from that she had no idea what time it was or if he was lying asleep next to her or just observing to see if she was following his instructions or whether he was even in the room. She kept thinking about that old adage that if you lose one of your senses, then the others were heightened. Hers certainly were. She could feel the air on her face, the room still radiated the smell of the beautiful flowers that were resting in the vase on her night table. His last word to her before she fell asleep that she wasn’t allowed to speak until spoken to and she knew to adhere to the terms of his rules. She felt disoriented, vulnerable and unexpectedly excited lying there patiently.  After what seemed like perhaps 20 minutes she heard the sound of him moving in the room. Instinctively she was going to call his name but remembered to stay quiet and wait. She felt him pulling her legs apart, careful to keep her knees bent. This made her feel as though he was inspecting her, as if he was window shopping for something special that would entice him. 

The feeling of silk worked its way up each of her legs, one at a time. Followed by the sensation of leather working its way along the same path. It was making it more difficult to stay still and quiet. She wanted to do something, move a limb, ask a question, see her surroundings, be spoken to, anything that would prompt her to action. 

She could feel her cool sheets working their way along her nipples, she became embarrassed as she felt them harden, knowing this would lead her cunt to moisten. Experience assured her he would pick up on this and use her excitement to satisfy his desire to control the most intimate parts of her body. 

She closed her hands in an effort to stifle her excitement but he told her to keep them open. As she felt a kiss on her forehead, his fingers began an unpredictable dance along her legs until they reached her inner thighs. Doing absolutely nothing while blindfolded was proving more difficult than she ever imagined. 

The quiet of the room was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of her vibrator. She never knew how or when but somehow he had trained in such a way that the mere sound of her toy made her cunt very wet. Prior to him that sensation has been reserved For the feeling of direct stimulation on her cunt. She was shy to sometimes admit the control he had over her cunt, but it also told her on very much. When they had agreed to this dynamic, she had given him ownership over her entire body and he had taken that to heart. 

She could feel the toy vibrating against her leg and eventually into her thigh area, she delicately angled her leg in hopes of guiding the toy closer to her clit and he complied but just for a brief moment. It was long enough for her to enjoy the feeling yet short enough to leave her craving more. 

She was getting very excited and thought she might actually orgasm without even being touched. Controlled by the desires of her cunt, she whispered, begging if he could find it in his heart to run the toy on her clit again for longer. 

He said that she had been told not to talk and proceeded to fill her mouth with her panties to stifle her screams and remind her to stay quiet. 

He gently ran the toy over her clit and watched her body and face react. Her eyes opened wide, almost verbally asking for more. The uncontrolled pull of her limbs on her restraints. She could see his facial expression, the reassuring look and that it was okay for her to experience the feeling of pure ecstasy and that he would look after her cunt. He leaned forward and began to softly lick her clit, she tensed. He had brought her to a point that she seldom visited. She had lost control of her reflexes, driven by her cunt and he sensations he was creating through her body. He continued his licking and it wasn’t long before she was shaking, her eyes opened wide as if asking if she may cum, knowing that really she had no control of when the orgasm would visit her. He slowed his tongue and within seconds she began to feel the orgasm run through her body until it reached clit and then exploded out of her. Her body rocked, she was almost gasping for air as he continued his slow licking through the entire orgasm. She pulled on her restraints to no avail, all part of the physical release of her powerful orgasm. His sensitive could feel her clit throbbing as more and more cum dripped from her. 

She muffled a meek thank you to her Master. He covered her body with a sheet exposing only her head. He ran his fingers through her hair until she feel asleep. It wouldn’t be long before she would be awakened to be run through this demanding procedure again.

A Bed Spread – Part 2

He began to work on each part of her body methodically and deliberately. The clamps insured her nipples were pulled taut. He caresses her large breasts enjoying the sensation of the smooth skin against his fingertips . He then replaced his fingertips with his hardness, rubbing it all over and getting even more excited. Satisfied for now he began to work down her smooth tummy. Running his fingers in circles, gradually getting closer to her moistened cunt. Her legs tied in the air and effectively tied to her nipples were a reminder to stay as still as possible which was become more and more challenging. Her ass remained full and now his fingers were working the inside of her thighs. The closer he moved to her swelling clit the more she tried to subtweet shift to feel even the soft grazing of his finger. She craved the slightest touch, anything that would help satisfy her hungry clit for even a split second. She began to beg to be touched but the gag made her words almost unintelligible.He gently placed his finger on her clit and began to move it circles massaging the edges of her clit. He could feel her cunts response as his finger became more wet with each turn. Despite her best efforts to keep them still, her legs began to shake, pulling on her nipples. It was a discomfort she was prepared to tolerate at this point in exchange for some stimulation of her clit. 

He leaned forward, she became even wetter in anticipation of his mouth. His slow licks over her entire mound drove her crazy. With his fingers he opened her cunt and began to insert her favorite toy, her cherished vibrator. Now both her holes were full, the clamps were firmly on her precious nipples and the gag was secured in her mouth. Her vulnerable state excited her, she knew her master was pleased. He turned on the vibrator and began to take pictures of her which turned her on even further. With her mouth compromised she pleaded for an orgasm which he refused. She knew the consequences of cumming without his approval. He put the camera down and moved forward resuming his work with his tongue. She was losing control of herself and despite her best efforts she knew an orgasm was close at hand. She begged again but once again he refused. She could feel her wetness dripping out of her cunt. Her eyes wide open and legs trying unsuccessfully to close all in an effort to create and outlet for release without cumming. To no avail, he could her muted screams through the gag. Knowing she came without permission he told her instead of spanking her precious ass she would have to cum 14 more times before he would release her. This overstimulation drove her crazy and for the next half hour, with absolutely no control she asked and then orgasmed until she reached 15. Completely worn out she felt she had nothing left to give. He untied her legs and hands and pulled her to the edge of the bed and entered her spent cunt. Moving hard and fast within her, she continued to have orgasms beyond any that she could imagine. Eventually he pulled out and covered her pretty face with the load she had built up in him. She closed her eyes and he pulled she sheets up to her face, kissed her head and whispered in her ear until he was satisfied she was asleep.  

A Bed Spread – Part 1

He glanced up at the high ceiling, impressed with his work. The fine detail on the finishing a had proved challenging to work with but have the room a regal feel. His eye caught the two rings that he had secured into the ceiling. One could almost miss them as they were deliberately painted the same colour so as to blend in. He had shown the completed room to a few friends and family and had smiled to himself that none of them had ever asked about the hooks or some of the other oddities in the room. It was a testament to his skill of hiding things in plain sight. The headboard he had built was the centrepiece of the large bed and while everyone complemented the posts for their majesty nobody suspected his true intentions. The frame of the bed had handles cut into it which appeared decorative but actually were quite functional.
He summoned her from the basement and listened as she walked the stairs. She looked beautiful as always when she finally appeared in the doorway. Her eyes smiling, displaying a desire to serve, her brown hair resting on her shoulders, her posture was always impeccable and made her seem taller than the 65 inches she was, her slight frame belying her strength. The white tank top was not quite sufficient to completely conceal her ample breasts, as they spilled out ever so slightly. The shorts she was wearing revealed the edges of her ass and suggested that she was without panties. Her disobedience had caused him to take all of her panties from her and locked them in one of the drawers on the side of the bed.
He kissed her head and whispered in her ear. She immediately responded by saying “yes sir” and went to the bed and lay down facing the ceiling. Her entire body enveloped in the comfortable mattress. He stood on the bed and gazed down at her and observed her obedience. She had placed two pillows under her lower back and had already removed her clothes and was gently petting her cunt, careful only to touch the lips and avoid her clit. Each loop in the ceiling was filled with a rope which dangled down making contact with each of her ankles. In a deliberate manner he began. Each ankle tied to the rope and pulled up until he was satisfied her legs were high enough and spread enough.
He then ran some rope around the bed posts firmly securing each hand. He placed his head gently on her heart and could feel it accelerating which pleased him. It was a sign of her excitement. He gently sucked on each one of her perfect nipples hardening them. He then opened the concealed drawer in the bed and removed her least favourite accessory…. Her nipple clamps. He had made her buy them and although she always wanted to please him and earn his praise, she often thought about this purchase. He had made her go alone to the store to buy them and try on five different pairs and each time had made her ask the store clerk to take a picture so she could send them to her master. She found it embarrassing but then was amazed how soaked and excited she was when she got back in her car and was embarrassed that she actually had to masturbate in the parking lot so she could focus on driving home. They were uncomfortable but perhaps knowing how much they turned him on made her equally aroused. He fastened them to her nipples and then ran a delicate string to each on of her legs so if she pulled on her legs at all she would be pulling on her clamps. She often did shake or move her legs in this predicament and got a quick reminder to keep them still. In her current situation, all parts of her body were vulnerable to his desires.
He gently ran his finger over her clit which had yet to get any attention and it made her shake a little. He then placed his tongue on her clit and that sent even more shivers.
In her mental state, she sometimes forgot the rules but his firm hand striking her exposed clit was a quick reminder that she must thank him for any and all pleasure. She apologized and promised her master she would be more appreciative. It was the type of atonement he liked, he didn’t have to say anything and she corrected her behaviour. He began to work his tongue along her clit and within seconds she could feel her nipples being tugged on, the stinging feeling was a sign she was moving too much.
She tried to stay still but his tongue was deliberately slightly off from her most desired spit which induced her to move around to get the attention exactly where it was most wanted. She could feel the lubricant being applied to her ass and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he would start demanding more. She had barely finished processing that thought when he felt her ass being starting to be opened. Slowly but surely he eased something that felt much too large inserted in. He took a picture and showed her so she could see the handle of her largest dildo sitting just outside her ass. She knew the rest of it was hidden within her. She had been unable to handle that when they started but as her confidence and comfort increased so too did her ability to do things she previously thought impossible. His tongue continued to work her clit as he moved the toy around in her ass. Her legs started to buck causing her nipples to be pulled which caused her to yell out. He spanked her ass repeatedly for yelling and fastened the gag to her mouth stifling her screams.

A Full Night

She lay awake in bed, still feeling the aftermath of what had happened. The quiet stillness that occupied the room now was in stark contrast to the atmosphere that had prevailed little more than an hour earlier.
She stared over at him. His uncovered chest expanding and contracting with each breath. His slumber appeared deep and peaceful. She closed her eyes and reflected on the events that had preceded these current moments of serene tranquility.
The moonlight snuck its way into the room through the drapes. It was enough light for her to see objects and shapes in the room. Her eyes glanced at the ground and saw evidence of their previous activities. The ones that he had participated in prior to falling into a distant sleep. She could make out her white jeans, and top. Out of range of her curious eyes lay her panties and bra. One might have assumed that the belt which lay next to his jeans was last used to hold up his pants but they would be wrong. She blushed as she saw the small red light in the corner next to the chair. It was a reminder, that in addition to her now sleeping husband, other contributors to her pleasure also needed to have their batteries literally recharged.
The faint light in the room reflected off the silver plated box that sat on his night table. Many of the contents in that box had been used to maximum efficiency last night. When he woke she was sure he’d wash all of the items and return them to the box before placing it back in his drawer. He was quite methodical and usually took care of this immediately after they were done but he had been overcome with fatigue and his desire to sleep had superseded his impulse to maintain his routine. She had worn him out she thought to herself, proud that she had been “good enough” to make him need sleep more than order.
He had pushed her to her limits and then gone a little further. She was impressed with herself for being able to fulfill all of his demands.
It all began with her pants being lowered to reveal her panties. She was forbidden from wearing panties and the punishment he administered had undoubtedly made her ass turn slightly red. His hand, the belt and a spatula had all been used and she said “thank you for teaching me Master” after each swat. He interrupted the disciplining by caressing her ass between each spank.
He then made her present her tits to him. He had sucked on them quite eagerly while she ran her fingers through his hair. Standing at the edge of the bed, she was told to spread her legs. He handed her the lint roller and had her insert it and hold it inside her.
She was shy standing like this with him fully dressed. He had her bend over and began taking pictures for his album. He then gave her the vibrator and had her place it on her clit. It was turned on to the intermittent setting which drove her crazy. It was hard to stand still with this much stimulation, let alone to thank him for each feeling of pleasure and to meet his eyes with hers.
Her legs began to shake as she proclaimed that she was nearing an orgasm.
She knew the shaking would not go unnoticed by her Master. He unbuttoned his pants to reveal how hard he was. He instructed her to bend over and open her mouth. With her mouth full and her cunt full and her clit being stimulated she knew it wouldn’t be long.
“Master, please may I cum”, she tried to force out the words through her full mouth. He wanted her to last a little longer. She knew she couldn’t and began to tremble as she had her first orgasm.
“You were forbidden from cumming,” he whispered firmly in her ear. Now we will start all over but with more demands this time. She was bent over and could feel him working on her ass before she could feel her small dildo being inserted into her. She moaned slightly despite how gentle he was. She had just recently started to take things into her ass, an accomplishment she was proud of. A large coke bottle was then tied into her cunt. He handed her their electric tooth brush and told her to begin working her clit slowly. She was forbidden from cumming for 10 minutes. To help offset the pleasure, she saw him reaching for the clamps. Fastened to her nipples, they brought initial discomfort followed by a satisfaction that she could handle them. He then tied a thin string from the clamps to her legs so if she shook then she would be pulling on her nipples.
Her wetness was visible on the toothbrush as she became increasingly excited. She was moaning with ecstasy when he took her new gag and put it over her mouth.
He took a picture of her in this vulnerable state and shows it to her which made her even more excited.
Just two minutes into her ten minute wait she was ready to cum again and fought her way through the gag to ask. He told her to take the tooth brush away for 15 seconds and then put it back on. This continued for a few minutes. Her legs began to shake, the pull on her nipples a quick reminder to stay still.
At the nine minute mark he let her cum again. Her scream of delight stifled by her gag.
He pushed her back onto the bed and fastened her hands to the corners in the head of the bed. Her legs tied and pulled back over her head. He mounted her with her ass still filled and began fucking her. One orgasm after another followed for her until he was ready. He untied her legs and moved beside her face where he released his entire load. She loved the satisfied and spent look on his face as he erupted. It was a sign of how well she had done. He untied her and rolled up with her to cuddle and feel close to his precious little sexy slave.

Awaiting His Requests – Part 2

She notified of him the feeling between her legs as she was obliged to do. She thought back to her past relationships and how to closed and secretive they had been in comparison to what she had with him. She had never even considered sharing her primal thoughts and impulses with the others and yet she never even considered not telling him all of her needs, wants, desires and the intensity and timing of those emotions.
Lunch arrived, her plate was decorated with different colours from her salad. Normally, she would have relished such a delight but right now her focus was on Him and what he might be doing in his office. Her eyes glanced in anticipatory fashion at her phone, awaiting the next vibration that would announce another message from Him. The uncertainty of when rather than if it would come added to her excitement. He seemed to have no pattern and his notes could simply be reminders of his love or an assignment that she thought beyond her capacity to successfully perform.
The phone signalled a message and she instantly got even wetter. She put down her fork and punched in the code to her phone that would lead to the message. Alas, it was a note from a store reminding her of a promotion. She laughed to herself at her response to a potential email from Him. If he only knew but he did because she had told him awhile back at how distracted he made her at times. She resumed eating and eventually replaced the thoughts of Him with those of her chores and the weekend ahead. The table shook from the vibration of her phone, she went to her inbox and saw the name that was highlighted. She felt the physiological impact of simply reading the name and anticipating what might be in the note. With a simple click, she had her answer and her next assignment for the day.
He reiterated his effusive praise of her for the prompt completion of the graphic pictures she had sent him prior to eating. Reading the words made her feel very proud, after all she coveted his approval and wanted very much to meet his expectations.
As she continued to read, she contemplated the next assignment. She had more time but it was more demanding and more risky.
She paid her bill and walked back to the car wondering where and how she would satisfy him this time.
Prior to taking her keys out she prepared, she took off her bra and placed it on the side beside her and did the same with her panties. She took a picture and sent it off to him. He had selected both that morning so there was no way to fool him. Part one was done, however, that was the easy portion.
She began her drive home with her eyes scanning for places to complete Parts two and three of his assignment. She found a park with some people in it and thought this would be the perfect spot. She pulled over and got out of the car waking tentatively and vigilantly along the path that would lead her into the park. She found her place, that provided enough shelter but also was sufficiently visible to others. Her heart was racing, what if someone came along or what if the people in the park walked towards her. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind as her adrenalin intensified. As assigned, she pulled up her top and pulled down her pants and took the picture with the people in the background. She quickly pulled up her pants as her tshirt fell over her breasts and raced back to the car to inspect the picture. She was thrilled with how it looked and sent it off to him. She now just had one part left to accomplish. She proceeded to continue her drive home, looking for an ideal setting.
She noticed a baseball diamond and decided to pull in. There were a few people playing pitch and catch in the outfield but nobody on the infield. She opened her purse and looked in to make sure she had what she needed. She gathered herself with a deep breath and walked to the bleachers and sat down. She couldn’t help but think that she was probably the first to do this, that excited her and motivated her. She got to the top bench in the bleachers and sat down looking at the people in the distance. Far off that they couldn’t see exactly what she was up to but close enough that they could see her and call out to her. She read his assignment once more “Masturbate in a public place and you can’t stop once you begin until you cum and then take a picture of yourself with the toy inside of you and your top completely off.” It was a lot to ask of her but she was determined to show him she could do it. She wasn’t even sure she could orgasm like this, at home in the comfort of her bed she didn’t always climax. She lowered her pants and put the toy on her clit and began slowly the way he liked. She wasn’t getting excited, too consumed and concerned by those around her who may catch her. Eventually her cunt succumbed to the pleasure and the outdoor environment served as an aphrodisiac. Her legs spread, she was turned on to be doing this so close to people, the danger and the risk heightened her euphoria. Within minutes she was ready to cum and decided to call him so he could hear her enjoy her orgasm.
He answered and she told him she was ready to cum and wanted him to hear. This broke with their protocol that she had to ask him but she felt empowered by this public display. Her breathing became shorter and her moans became louder until she exploded all over her toy. She hung up the phone without saying a single word. She took off her top and her pants, something she wasn’t asked to do. She placed the vibrator in her cunt and spread her legs posing for the picture.
As she clicked away, she thought she noticed some oglers from afar but didn’t care. Let them see her in this excited state. She dressed and walked confidently with a satisfied disposition. She reached the car and set herself in the car before sending Him all the pictures she had taken.
She continued on home with a feeling of accomplishment. She arrived to an empty house and floated up the stairs. The chair by there bed provided the perfect resting place for all her clothes. She slipped into her and felt the cool sheets against her naked body and lay peacefully awaiting his return and her reward for being such a good girl who does everything her Master asks of her.

Awaiting His Requests – Part 1

She sat alone waiting for her meal. She was glad it was quiet and eyed the few other patrons. She sat in her blue jeans, black t-shirt, sunglasses resting in her hair. It was spring, the combination of warm weather and knowledge of having the afternoon to herself gave her a freedom that she adored. She thought of her husband and felt elated about the path their relationship had taken her on. The increased intimacy they felt was a product of their commitment to share more, it led to a revelation of their common interests and it

gave her a quiet confidence she had never known and had allowed her to enjoy moments of ecstasy in a unparalleled way.
She wondered if anyone in the restaurant knew or if any of the passers-by on the sidewalk or any of her friends. They were secretive and so there were very few visible signs of their relationship, however, a discerning eye might notice some of the signs.
She couldn’t help but smile when she thought about the the clues that were in plain sight for all to see.
The most visible of which lay around her neck. She wore it each day and had received several compliments on its beauty which always made her snicker to herself. He had given her the collar awhile back when he became her master. She had felt such pride when he put it on her and it had adorned her neck ever since. It fit a little tighter than a usual necklace but nobody ever commented about its size.
Each time she touched him she thought of the emotion of that moment and how happy she was as his.
There were other signs of their dynamic, she never had panty line a benefit of being forbidden to wear any panties unless it was that time of the month. She had forgotten once and had absentmindedly put her panties on one morning. At day’s end he had inspected her and had found her wearing panties, as a punishment she had been told to place her panties in a cage in her drawer. He padlocked the cage and held the key. Each time she opened that drawer to get her socks or bras she could see her panties and thought about how she used to wear them.
Inside her purse was the vibrator he had made her buy for herself, she felt it each time she wanted her wallet or glasses or anything else she carried around. Initially, when she was told to keep it in her purse she worried each time she put her purse down that someone would accidentally find it but time had desensitized her to that fear.
In the glove compartment of her car, lay the handcuffs that the would sometimes use on her when they went on long drives.
As she waited for her meal to arrive, she felt her phone vibrate and looked lazily at the message. She got up and went to the bathroom. She went into a stall and pulled up her tshirt and pulled her breasts out of her bra. She positioned her phone and clicked away a few times, she then eyed the “video” button and began recording as she caressed her nipples hardening them. She put her breasts back into her bra and rolled down her shirt. She left the bathroom and sat back down at her table just as her lunch arrived.
“What is your wifi”? She asked the waiter.
“It is for employees only Miss”, he responded.
“Please someone is awaiting some documents”, she pleaded.
He asked her to wait and returned two minutes later with the password.
She thanked him and punched in the proper sequence of letters and numbers.
She typed in “Here they come, I hope you like them” and hit “send” dispatching the photos and video. It was her response to his message that he wanted to see the tits he owns.
She loved those messages from him and was proud of how quickly she had followed his instructions. She knew he would like that.
Within seconds her phone was vibrating again, “Good girl, I look forward to playing with them again tonight. You will be rewarded for the quality and speed of your response.” As she read the message, she felt the uncontrollable reaction between her legs.

Beautiful Spring Day Well Spent

This beautiful spring day was merely a stop in winters transformation into summer. The curtains were drawn, to allow the hot sun beat down on her, the window had been opened just enough to invite some fresh air into the room to circulate. It was a casual and relaxing environment that probably many in the neighbourhood were enjoying. She was wearing the form fitting white t-shirt along with her black yoga pants that had been a part of many of these lazy afternoons. He had selected her attire the night before for just this occasion. It had been their ritual, whether determined by his mood or the expected temperature, she had yet to figure out his strategy. He had been laying out her clothes for about a month or so. At first, she had been hesitant but she had to come to like it. She was free to ask to change them and he almost always obliged but she had rarely exercised that option.

Propped up on her pillows, she felt very relaxed and carefree staring out the window at the neighbours home just across the way. She wondered if any were looking back at her. Slowly but steadily he had been assuming more of the duties that she normally had taken care of and it enabled her to shed much of her stress.

She heard the water stop signalling the end of his shower. A moment later still wet he emerged in shorts and a top. He looked refreshed though his face showed purpose rather than indifference as he walked into the closet. With the whole day ahead of them she wondered what he was up to.
When he reappeared she knew this would not be as relaxing a day as she had thought.

He moved closer and whispered in her ear. She didn’t say a word in response. She bent her knees and brought them up to her chest while she leaned back on the headboard.

Methodically he removed his supplies and began the process of preparing her in a way that would satisfy his appetite.

“Hold your right ankle”, his voice clear and uncompromising.
She obediently followed his instruction. He immediately began the intricate work with the rope that would ultimately have her ankle and wrist tied together. With the skill and discipline that comes with experience he did the same on her left side.

He then did something he had not frequently done, he weaves another rope from under the bed on the right side of the bed and attached it to her already restrained ankle and pulled it tight and did likewise on the left side. She was now completely spread apart. He then began to spray water on her white t-shirt until it provoked a response from each of her nipples.

He dipped his hand into his bag and removed it revealing a pair of scissors. She was not sure what he had in mind. Her nervous energy could be felt between her legs.

With delicate precision he cut her tight t-shirt in a circle around each breast to allow her ample tits to free themselves from inside the cloth. He couldn’t help but get very aroused at the site of her bound and topless. He caresses her nipples and felt them harden. She felt his hands working their way down her body and eventually to the warm area between her legs. With the accuracy of a surgeon, he cut out a piece of her yoga pants revealing her cunt. She could feel the air on her exposed clit and that made her even damper.

With her legs tied open and her wrists fastened to her ankles, he began to run rope through the headboard of the bed over and then under her breasts. Unable to move at all, she was now prepared for him. Her nipples were hardened again and she felt the slight nipple of the clamps being applied. She was his to play with and this is what he wanted, fighting or complaining she knew would only result in more demands being placed on her. He began to gently walk his fingers around her clit, occasionally leaning over and gently running his tongue over her lips and up to her clit. She was restrained so firmly she could barely even shake with excitement as he began to work on her first orgasm.

He only paused to stare and take pictures of her. Each one he made her say “cheese” and then smile even if her face wasn’t in it.

He then began to fill her cunt with house appliances. It was something he loved to do and she had grown accustomed to it, and secretly even got turned on by it. As he went from the handle on a lint roller to a tube of lipstick, to her bottle of perfume and so on. He’d fuck her with it for a bit and then make her guess what it was. Every correct guess was rewarded by his tongue and every wrong answer was punished with his belt. Of course, each “toy” fucking was captured in time by a photo she would be assigned to look at evaluate the next day. She would have to rank which toys looked the best inside of her. This was a process she was very shy about it and initially had rejected doing because it made her feel so naughty but she had warmed to it and now actually enjoyed because it gave her an outlet for her creative writing.

It didn’t take long before she was asking for permission to cum, of course that was granted. He leaned her vibrator against her clit and slid himself into her mouth. This made cumming difficult for her as she had to concentrate on not biting him and yet she was helplessly tied up and was going to cum when the toy brought her an orgasm. He saw in her eyes that she was cumming and struggling to keep him in her mouth. Within a moment, with her mouth still full, she was mumbling about a request for another orgasm. One after another they happened, even when he asked her to try to control herself, she just kept cumming. He slid out of her mouth and rubbed himself all over pretty face and then had him lick his shaft until he was ready.
He then pulled away just in time to cover her large breasts in another load of his cum. She could feel it’s warmth and stickiness accumulating on her tits. More pictures were taken as it rolled down her chest eventually reaching her tummy. She felt so naughty and used and yet that made her happy that she had satisfied him so.

Her eyes closed gently, “what a satisfying session”, she thought to herself and all in plain view of anyone looking out there window on a beautiful afternoon. She couldn’t help but think how different their sex life was now compared to the first time they had been together. So much less reserved, the primary and only focus was on the pleasure.

Discussing the Un-Discussable

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in changing or trying new things in a couples sex life is the fear of suggesting something and it not being received very well. After all there is a certain sensitivity or vulnerability that we all have when it comes to our sexual fantasies. We don’t want them falling into the wrong hands lest we be mocked or teased or called a weirdo.

To anyone who would see my wife, nobody would suspect that when we are bed together she refers to her pussy as a “cunt”, that she gets turned on by the idea of being spanked and called naughty names and refers to me as “Master” when I am doing these things to her. She is a loving mother of 3 and those ideas or thoughts are somewhat incongruous with the image that such a person would portray. I can’t even recall the first time I asked her to only use the word “cunt”. She was shy at first, but has grown accustomed to it and will often even but a naughty adjective in front of it when referring to it. I remember how nervous I was to suggest she call me “Master”, what would she think? would she laugh? would she say you simply can’t do it? all these things and more went through my mind and yet she complied. I think with some reluctance at first but she loves me so she complied with my preference. Over the last 10 years I have certainly put forward more fantasies than she has but that is probably due to the fact that in this facet of our relationship,I am less shy than her. Recently she has been more forthcoming and it has lead to a big increase in the confidence I have when I play with her. I am less worried about her doing things simply to make me happy and feel important and am more convinced that this new journey we are taking is due to our mutual desire to try new ideas and experiment with different fantasies.

The question is what caused the walls of secrecy and paranoia about sharing our deepest fantasies to be shared. I suppose age is one factor, you have different perspective about what is really important. Trust is another component and a desire to improve our sex life. The initial discussions were a test of nerves but now I am much more relaxed, not totally relaxed, in asking her to try putting clamps or hair clips on her nipples or how much I would love to try making her cum by using our electric toothbrush than ever before. She even suggested two ideas which made my whole face light up. She suggested picking out her own collar and of crawling over to me in our bedroom on her hands and knees to give me a blowjob. Both those ideas really turn me on and make me excited about other ideas we will share together.

Good to be Home

She heard that unmistakable sequence of sounds, his car pulling up and then idling out back followed by the garage door opening and then the car slowly moving, within a minute the garage door would close and she would hear him climbing the stairs.
She was slightly embarrassed by the impact the sound of the car idling had on her. They had followed a routine for quite some time now. She knew within minutes he would be upstairs, but her eagerness amplified each sound and each minute often felt longer than it actually was.
The wait gave her time to think which only intensified her impatience.
For much of their time together his arrival prompted an ordinary enthusiasm within her, the kind one had to see a loved one. However recently, their bond had strengthened as their relationship had evolved.  They had begun to share more deeply than she had with anyone else, she had told him secrets that at one time would have made her shy to admit to herself.  The sharing had been the catalyst in crumbling walls that had been erected over time by repeating the same tired and conventional habits.  She knew he had felt the same way and the fact that they both had taken a leap of faith gave them confidence in the relationship and in each other.  Initially, it had been difficult to open up and confide these personal thoughts that had long been tightly guarded but the passage of time had replaced the difficulty with a comforting ease and a desire to enjoy the benefits that complete trust bring to a relationship. She often wondered why she had been so hesitant to share her true feelings sooner, but then she reminded herself that most people kept theses types of secrets to themselves out of fear and a mistrust of others. She couldn’t deny that initially she wasn’t sure what the impact would be on their relationship and to her relief even in the initial weeks, she saw a change but now they had come so far and were both very comfortable in their newly discovered roles.  She was actually quite proud of herself because it had been somewhat out of character to be vulnerable like that but it had been a great decision.  These were all feelings and thoughts that he had shared with her.
As all of this ran through her mind, she couldn’t believe he was only making his way from the second to the third floor. One more flight of stairs followed and his silhouette could be seen in the doorway. She wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but etiquette dictated that it was up to him to choose a course of action and she would follow. The unknown anticipation heightened her senses.
Without a word being uttered he deliberately looked to the ground, she got on the ground and crawled over to him.
A simple act, one she would not have done weeks ago but that now turned her on so much she was amazed. She took her top off, revealing her breasts and put her hands behind her back. He unbuttoned his pants. She leaned slightly forward and could feel the grip of his hand on the back of her head. She opened her mouth as he eased in so deeply. She was so impressed with how much she could take into her mouth.
To some this almost choreographed balletic movement would seem rude, after all no words had been spoken but there would be time for a full debrief of each other’s day when they had finished. She knew His actions actually illustrated how much he had been thinking of her, how much he loved her and how much they had shared that each knew how much this turned them on. She was his master and controlled her sexually behaviour and she was his “Prettyslave” and was compliant and eager to meet all of his demands.
In and out he slid, she had trained herself to look up at him and keep her hands behind her back. It had been difficult in the beginning but with patience, support and some punishments she had learned this was the way he wanted her to suck on him. He might instruct her to do something but that was entirely up to him and she preferred it that way. At times, the patience and discipline required had not come easily and her ass, cunt and tits had learned firsthand the consequences of her misdeeds. Now, she knew she would be highly rewarded for being an obedient sex toy for him.
Looking into each other’s eyes, the intensity of the emotion and trust could be felt.
“Make your nipples hard for me,” he told her in a voice that sounded more like an order than a suggestion.
“Yes Master, thank you.” She began to rub them and could feel them hardening all the while feeling his hardness filling her mouth.
He pulled out and rubbed himself over her breasts and nipples. He looked so big since she had shaved him. Enormous actually she thought to herself.
“Lay on the edge of the bed on your back and show me your cunt.” She immediately complied and assumed the position she knew he was asking for: legs spread wide and in the air and fingers opening her lips as wide as she could. Totally exposed and on display for him. She saw a contented look on his face.
Standing In front of her, He held her legs apart and stared at her. “She deserves some attention, run your fingers along her lips and moisten her before you earn some clit touching,” He directed her to do.
“Yes master, thank you for letting me masturbate”. Just saying those words would have seemed unthinkable not too long ago and now they made her even wetter and feel even closer to him.
Her little clit began to hunger to be touched. She was very wet and eager to satisfy herself further.
“May I please touch master’s clit, She is soaked” she begged, referencing his ownership of her body parts just another example of their redefined sexual borders.
“Yes start slowly, steady circles the way you like and look at me the whole time,” His instructions said with love but a firmness she had come to crave.
He was the first to have ever seen her play, let alone to actually instruct her on something so private and personal.
The strong feelings emitting from between her legs were making it increasingly difficult to maintain focus with his eyes. She could feel him stretching her legs apart in a way she was incapable of doing alone.
“My clit is throbbing master and my cunt is so wet and I am so turned on”. She knew how much he loved hearing how she felt. “I am getting close to being on the edge of my first orgasm Master,”  She informed him.
She could see his hand reach into the drawer and remove something. He had done this before so she knew what to anticipate though she didn’t know the precise specifics of what he had planned.
“Spread Pink’s lips and take a deep breath and hold it”. He said with a firm voice referring to the name given to her cunt.
She could feel something being inserted into her, it felt hard and wide, very snug. “Slowly inhale”, she heard him say.
With that he inserted it even further in. She was concentrating on accomplishing the task, and could hear his firm voice issuing words of encouragement while also letting her know a good whore could do this more easily than she was. Eventually he had nothing left to insert, she felt full.
“Your hairbrush looks so good inside of you”. He told her as he took a few pictures.
“Thank you Master” she replied.
Now he bent forward and placed his tongue on her clit and in a methodical and clockwise movement worked his way around while holding her legs apart. She began to shake with ecstasy. Her eyes closed as she soaked in the bliss.
The euphoric feeling was interrupted by the feeling of his hand squeezing one of breasts and spanking it three times. Her nipples stung for a second.
“No “thank you” for your master’s tongue touching your clit, your eyes closed instead of look at me licking.”
She knew she had broken two rules.
He had suggested the rules when they began this new approach and she had gone along with them but they had always been difficult for her to comply with. During her moments of greatest pleasure it was difficult to recall the rules and then adhere to them. He had enforced the rules inconsistently which also made it challenging. Maybe there should be no rules or maybe he should enforce them, she wasn’t sure. Either way she knew he was about to punish her.
“Stand and bend over the bed my naughtyslave.” He told her in a clear and cold voice. With the hairbrush remaining deep inside of her, she bent over and prepared.
He positioned her and then spanked each cheek on her beautifully shaped ass. The sound made it sound firmer than it actually was. The mere thought of being disciplined while her cunt was full like this made her even wetter. She was sure to bend over in a way that kept her nipples off the top of the bed for fear of more punishment, that was one rule she knew quite well.
He spanked her two more times. “Such a perfect ass” he said as he caressed it between spanks. Then he reached for his belt, the leather of the belt being rubbed across her ass made her excited. He raised the belt and gave her two quick swats. Secretly this turned her on and he knew it. This had come out when they shared their secrets with each other. He loved to spank her and she loved to receive his spanking. Over time, his concern of hurting her had eroded and it had been replaced with a confidence that allowed him to be firm and dominant but also knew her limits.
As her ass was recovering from the most recent visit from the belt, he took out her toy and placed it on her clit while she remained in position. He turned it on and she was overwhelmed with the intense feelings. He then replaced her toy with their vibrating toothbrush. It lacked the intensity of her own toy nevertheless shivers were going through her body.
“Master I’d like to begin cumming if you let me please” she begged.
“”Yes you may, tell me each time”
Just hearing his words of approval triggered a response she had been trying to control. “Thank you” she said in a barely audible way. Her legs were shaking as she began to count out each orgasm, looking into his eyes the whole time. The fact that what ultimately produced the orgasm was the hairbrush, her toothbrush and his voice and that made her feel like a naughty whore which turned her on even more.
Eventually the hairbrush was removed and each ankle was tied to a corner of the bed, she was pushed forward and told to raise her ass into the air. He pushed himself against her lips and eventually inside of her. She groaned and said “thank you master, Pink loves you.”
He leaned forward and placed some satin ribbons around each one of her tits and tightened them firmly.  She could feel him pulling tightly and then tying the ribbons around her neck.
He began to slide in and out, and then reached around and touched her clit with the toy. “I’m cumming again, that’s 10 master”, She shrieked uncontrollably, trying her best to keep count.
“You didn’t say thank you when your clit was touched” he said.
Without hesitation he continued his disciplining as his hand came down on her ass repeatedly, turning her on even more.
“Harder, fuck me harder Master,” she insisted.
And he obliged while tightening the wraps on her tits and pulling her breasts higher up her chest.
He continued to spank her and then covered her mouth with his other hand.
Eventually he was ready and he pulled out and moved around, placing himself in front of her.
“Please cum on your slutslave, master” she begged. “Cum all these tits you own”
Within seconds he was releasing, covering her nipples and breasts with his cum.
“Don’t clean off, we are going out and you will just put your bra on so you can feel your masters cum all over you all day long”, he said. His instructions gave her a feeling of satisfaction, their newfound boundaries had brought them closer together and  after initially feeling timid, demands like that made her feel reassured of his love for her and his excitement of being with her.
He ran his hand through her hair and caressed her back making her feel very proud and adored and happy that they had developed a new phase of their relationship.

Fun Ride Home

It was a quiet night, the car they were in rolled on, doing its best to blend in with the smattering of cars that occupied the roads. Unlike, most if not all the passengers that were in the other cars on the road, she was not wearing a seat belt. It had been removed at the start of the drive home at his request. That was not the only item that she was not wearing, her tight form fitting white t-shirt had been removed, then her white bra that revealed her nipples even when it was being worn, then her blue jeans and finally her black thong panties, they were all folded neatly and placed in a pile on the backseat for use when they arrived in their driveway. She sat totally undressed next to him. The first time he had her do this, she had been very concerned about whether people in other cars would see her, if they might recognize her and how they might react. Now she was much more at ease, almost comfortable. She began taking pictures, acting as her own model and gently but inconsistently touching herself. She was getting more aroused but chose a rhythm that provided her pleasure but prevented her from losing control. She was told to open the glove compartment and sitting there in plain view was her favourite toy.  The sight of it alone made her excited and she could feel the impact of that excitement between her legs. She knew what would be expected of her and took it in her hand awaiting further instructions.
“Spread your legs and place them on the dashboard, turn it on the slowest setting and place it on your clit and don’t stop taking pictures”, he instructed,
“Yes master”, she said quietly.
Her level of excitement was quickly reaching a point of no return. They had talked about that feeling a lot. She had initially been shy to share that level of arousal with anyone because she felt it made her vulnerable. However, now she opened up much more when it came to sex and she felt more at ease sharing these previously long kept secrets.
“I’m a slave to my cunt now Master because I’m making her so excited”, she said with her voice struggling to maintain an even pitch.
“I’m so proud of you for sharing that, as a reward you can turn it up a little bit”, he told her in a reassuring way.
“That might make me cum quickly master”, she admitted.
“Relax, deep breaths and don’t force yourself to cum, let the orgasm happen”, he told her in a warm voice.
The car was fast approaching the house as her orgasm drew closer. She no longer cared at all about anyone seeing her in this exposed state, her priority was her pleasure.
She wasn’t sure what he would do if he arrived home before she had reached her climax but she was soon to learn.
He arrived at home and parked at the edge of their long driveway.
“Give me your toy, you will get it back when we get into the house”, he promised.
She complied, knowing any protest could be met with a punishment. He handed her the shoes she had removed at the start of the trip. She waited for the rest of her clothes but they never came. He took them in his hand and got out of the car. She now knew what she had in store for her. She would have to talk the entire way to their front door wearing nothing. She was nervous but she knew this would earn her the previous toy again. She was aware she might be seen and he had never asked this of her but it was all part of the journey and her trust in him was uncompromising.
She opened the door and began to walk quickly, almost running while trying to cover herself from any innocent onlookers.
“Return to the car and walk slowly, with your shoulders back and your tits out and your hands by your side”, he ordered.
Her anxiety raised but so too was her excitement level. She was surprised by how turned on she was getting with each stride.
Finally she reached the house and walked through the door.
He was already waiting for her with her toy in one hand and a cucumber in the other.
Without saying a word, she took both and lay on the floor in front of her Master. He raised her legs up so that he could hold her ankles spread wide in his hands. She slowly inserted the cucumber and began sliding it in and out waiting for his signal. Their eyes met as she continued this.
“Please master, I have been such a good whore, I have been such a good girl, I’ll make sure to cum staring at you”, she begged.
He nodded and the toy was instantly placed on a hungry clit.
“Thank you Master, I’m going to cum for you now, if of course you let me”, her voice rising as she approached her orgasm.
He nodded again and spread her legs even more.
“I’m the luckiest whore, I love my Master and serve him”…. Out came the predetermined words she was to say to him with each orgasm. Her whole body trembled, she struggled to keep her eyes open but did as he held her firm.
He walked her up to their room and rubbed her back gently whispering loving things into her ear as she fell off to sleep, satisfied until she was used again.